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Modest-E Boutique’s “Charlie" Floral Chic Knit top. Best Seller and Restocked for the 2nd Round. 

Super Soft & Lightweight Material with Flattering All Over Fit. 


Status: Arriving Soon

Sizes: S-XL

Fabric: 95% Poly. + 5% Elastane

Fit: True to Size with Good Stretch

Colors: Multi-Color. Floral Pattern. 

Complimentary Colors: All


Measurements/Size Reference:

Slim/Fitted (“Classic”)

0/2- XS (Bust-31.5-32“)

4/6- Small (33-34”)

7/8- Medium (35-36“)

9/10- Large (37-38“)

12- XL (39-40“)

14- XXL (41“)

16- XXL (42“)


Loose/Relaxed (“Bohemian Style”)

S/M- (32-34“)

M/L- (36-38“)

L/XL- (40-42“)

1XL- (43“)

2XXL + (44“)


Additional Size Chart Information in Menu Tab: Size Chart. Each measurement is based on US Standard Measurements and is not exact. For additional styling services or product information, please email

Thank you.

"Charlie" Chic Knit Top

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