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Hello Modest-E Boutique Family!

Hope you are having a Blessed Start to Your Summer!!! Thank you so much for your patience, love and small business support during a very busy season  I am blessed.

NEW JULY PRE-ORDER ITEMS LAUNCHING ONLINE THIS WEEK!! Enjoy My Hand-Selected "Rose & Raspberry" Collection! Two of this Summers HOTTEST Duo Colors!!

This Order will be placed July 1st. ETA Mid July. Orders Must be Placed Online, If you place multiple orders within selected time frame, be sure to Message me, via DM, for Free Shipping after once time payment.

Festival/Concert Series Collection Launch Date July 15th-22nd!! Mark Your Calendars and Get a Head Start on All Your Festive Gear

Happy Fall Y'all Launch begins July 29th-August 2nd!! Ya know how I feel about Fall Gear so Start Clearing Room in Your Closet Now!!

Thank you so much for your love and support! More goodies being posted soon

Elizabeth Wolfe


Welcome to the Modest-E VIP group! A positive site where you...


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